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About John

Crafting stories is a metaphysical ritual

Magickal worlds haunted my mind days and nights, other entities ruled my life and I wandered in other dimensions. I believed I was insane, barely sleeping at nights and I couldn’t stand the echoes of my dreams. Then, I took a pen and paper, and I described these shadows of my inner existence. Soon, I discovered I was born an author.


Origin: Mount Olympus.

Practices: Witch, Hermetism, Paganism.

Talents: Psychic Abilities, Visualization, Storytelling.

Occupation: Author, Occultist, Explorer.

Personality type: INFJ (The Advocate), ideal personality for authors.

Likes: Pets, Nature, Kindness.

Dislikes: Rudeness, Crime, Pollution.

Where to find me: in spiritual bookstores in London.

Music taste: Loreena McKennitt, Enya, Witchcraft songs.

Yet, as a child, I was writing stories as I needed to escape reality. My childhood was nice, but, deep within I was feeling different from my surroundings, not better nor smarter…  Just different. Making friends at school was hard as I was a shy, quiet and lonely kid. Often, I got bullied and mocked by my classmates by being just different, maybe more sensitive… As a teen, I knew I belonged nowhere; Feeling too independent, and I was questioning everything; society, religion, education…

When I turned 18, I became a globetrotter as I dared to explore the world… On my way; I encountered many Wise Men, different cultures, majestic sceneries. Many times, I slept out in nature and above me, the stars.  In the winters, I got soaked in the rain and dried myself by the fire into the woods. The earthly silence was the answer to my questions; we had been detached from our primitive selves. The truth was away from the crowd, my solitary experience connected me to my higher self, and then I realized I was born a witch.

Now, I would like to welcome you to my readers’ Coven. Here, it’s my nest in the net and I sincerely want to connect with you by building strong bonds, a long-lasting relationship, and travelling to countless magical realms through my storytelling. I love to offer you amazing books where you get lost and come out rejuvenated.




The genres I am specialized in are; Fantasy, Historical Fiction and Biblical Legends. In our witches’ circle, we will explore endless myths, fairytales, folklore, magick, the occult, unique cultures and hidden ancient secrets. My friends, I promise you your spiritual journey with me won’t disappoint you. It means a lot to me that you have come across my website and I wish you to dream again and see reality from a different perspective. Just remember nothing is as it seems; the cosmos is more complex…

Please contact me at as I am more than happy to hear your thoughts and ideas. Enjoy the ride to the magical lands…